Why Global Bound LLC

Our Mission:

To guide and support leaders in cultivating thriving workplace cultures by enhancing psychological wellbeing – thereby optimizing performance in all areas of life.

Global Bound LLC’s coaching and consulting focuses on helping individuals and organizations harness the universal limitations and boundaries of mental performance blocks leading to enhanced psychological wellbeing and optimized performance.


that set us apart from other mental performance coaching
Comprehensive Approach

Global Bound integrates coaching and consulting services, providing a holistic solution for both individuals and organizations. This dual approach allows the company to not only work with leaders on a personal level but also strategically enhance organizational culture and performance.

Specialized Focus on Mental Performance Hurdles

Global Bound’s emphasis on identifying and overcoming mental performance hurdles — such as imposter syndrome, self doubt, perfectionism, fear, self sabotage, etc. is both unique and thorough. This specialized focus helps clients tackle specific psychological barriers that may impede their performance and wellbeing.

Diverse Clientele

Global Bound serves a diverse range of clients including nonprofit leaders, for-profit leaders, and college athletes. Because mental performance hurdles are universal, this broad scope allows the company to apply its methodologies across different environments and challenges, tailoring strategies to specific needs and industries, and field test tools for success across industries and roles.

Optimized Frameworks

The framework developed by Global Bound LLC is designed to target the impact of stressors on mental performance hurdles and by default six key indicators: mindset, leadership, individual needs, engagement, societal structures, and culture. This framework is not just theoretical but is based around psychological research and practical tools that facilitate real and measurable improvements in psychological wellbeing and performance.

Visionary Leadership

The vision to create a world where mental performance hurdles hold no power over an individual’s pursuits – setting Global Bound LLC apart as not just a service provider but as a transformative force for enhanced human wellbeing.

Tailored Approach

Even though the stressors that impact us on a daily basis are not unique, the solutions (both crafted and implemented) must meet each client where they are at. Thus, each client’s journey and the interventions must be tailored to their specific needs, goals, and desires.