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Mental Performance Coaching for Nonprofit Leaders

At Global Bound LLC, we offer tailored mental performance services designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofits and their leaders.

Stress less. Achieve more. Lead better.

Assess Your Leadership Mindset

Are You Ready for Mental Performance Coaching?

Evaluate your mental game as a nonprofit leader and discover if you can benefit from mental performance coaching by reflecting on these statements:

· You excel in planning but struggle with execution during high-pressure moments.

· You are often preoccupied with others’ opinions about your leadership style.

· You frequently experience self-doubt about your leadership abilities.

· You seek external rewards, recognition, or praise as a primary motivator.

· Your self-worth is tied to your professional performance and outcomes.

· You lose focus or have mental lapses during crucial times.

· You worry about not meeting others’ expectations and letting your team down.

· You suffer from anxiety or excess tension in critical decision-making situations.

· Pre-presentation nerves persist even after you start speaking.

· Your routines lack mental focus and consistency.

· You go through the motions without mental engagement or intensity.

· You struggle with finding the right level of excitement for optimal performance.

· Fear of failure motivates you, affecting your leadership effectiveness.

· Fear of success leads you to self-sabotage when things are going well.

· You are unclear about your leadership motivations and rely on external validation.

· Environmental distractions easily disrupt your concentration.

· Negative thoughts or doubts arise before, during, or after significant events.

· After setbacks, you find it challenging to return to peak performance levels.

· When succeeding, you may unconsciously limit your performance to stay in a comfort zone.

· High expectations lead to frequent frustration.

· In times of adversity or pressure, you find it hard to perform freely or with confidence.

· Past failures are hard to forget or let go of.

· You have a strong desire to be the best leader possible or want to improve your mental game.

· You overthink strategies and techniques, even during execution phases.

· You fail to stay present and focus on immediate tasks.

· Concerns about the consequences of your actions distract you from effective leadership.

· Anger or frustration hinders your peak performance.

· You overanalyze mistakes and become overly focused on technique.

· You suffer from low self-confidence or self-esteem.

· Negative self-labels like “I am not a good leader” limit your potential.

· You often feel disappointed with your performance and wish for better outcomes.

If you identify with two or more of these statements, you may be ready to benefit from mental performance coaching to enhance your leadership capabilities.