Client Reviews

“Mike really helped me not just in my professional search but in my personal journey to implement healthier habits and ways of finding my true purpose. I feel he is a great listener and always asks questions to help you unravel more about yourself and what your purpose is in this life. I’d recommend him as a life coach to a friend, family member, or business because he is not only knowledgeable but listens and questions to help best guide you to where you want to be and go.”

“I am so much more clear about who I am, what I want from life and career, and what fulfills me. The space of self-doubt I was living in that had started to cloud every aspect of life no longer dominates me or my life. I can’t extend enough gratitude for this experience with Mike!”

“Mike challenged me to slow down and really think through what inspires me and what holds me back. The structure of our sessions allowed me to keep them top-of-mind and really explore how they impact my work, both in a negative and positive way. I developed new tools and shifted my mindset for this next stage of my career.”

“Mike [and his coaching] is the right balance of support, introspection, active listener, and unbiased perspective. All grounded in compassion and a genuine desire to help his clients.”

“I came to Mike with both an open willingness to learn and to do the work. I think that was the key to experiencing the enormous growth I experienced. I know I would not have navigated some of the work and life situations that came up with as much grace and ease if not for the tools, resources, insights and support.”

“I quickly saw the value of investing the time in not just the Mike’s exercises but in myself. That, after all, is what I was doing: Investing in myself.”