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Global Bound



Mental performance hurdles are universal!

They impact individuals and organizations the world over. We have also seen that in a globalized world, what happens in one segment of the population can trickle down to other arenas.

The concept of “Global Bound” emphasizes the importance of enhancing psychological wellbeing – as a means of harnessing mental performance hurdles AND the down-river impacts on our performance. Our wellbeing at work permeates into our home life, our children’s lives, our neighbors, our community pickleball groups, etc.

When we enhance our psychological wellbeing in one part of our world, we are able to positively impact and nurture those around us too.

Global Bound LLC’s coaching and consulting focuses on helping individuals and organizations (the world over) harness the universal limitations and boundaries of mental performance blocks (i.e., “imposterism”, the YIPS, perfectionism, etc.) leading to enhanced psychological wellbeing and optimized performance.

As a coach and a workplace culture consultant, Global Bound LLC works in all environments, across all borders to build up the people and organizations that serve us all.


Mike Krause (Chief Coaching & Consulting Officer)

Core Values:

Ownership: providing the knowledge and tools to harness limiting beliefs – ownership for our thoughts, feelings, and desires

Authenticity: connecting with genuine values, strengths, and goals we embrace and perform as our true selves

Collaboration: partners co-creating solutions along the personal and professional development journey

Growth: championing continuous development to approach life and its challenges as opportunities for resilience, learning and advancement

Support: dedicated to enhancing wellbeing for individuals and organizations, cultivating nourishing and nurturing connections that have a positive impact

Mental Performance Hurdles (aka the YIPS)

No matter what we call the mental blocks impacting our performance (and overall wellbeing), we can gain the tools to harness their impact on our daily lives and the lives of others.

Hi, my name is Mike.

I am an executive leadership coach, who focuses on helping leaders and their teams harness mental performance hurdles – leading to greater psychological wellbeing and optimized performance.

Imposter Syndrome (“Imposterism”) is one of the mental performance blocks my clients struggle with and an area that I am intimately familiar with.

Because of the universality of mental performance obstacles, I work with individuals and organizations from all walks of life (business leaders, non-profit executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, mental health professionals, coaches, etc.) who are looking for ways to harness their self-doubting thoughts, perfectionistic tendencies, fixed mindsets, and scarcity approach to leading others.

Why you ask?

So often, in life we tell ourselves that our unique qualities, the things that make us who we are, should not be expressed, highlighted, let alone shared with the rest of the world.


Because we grow up thinking and believing that we must approach life a certain way – coming across as “authentically me” will lead to objections, alienation, ultimately rejection. But the truth is, the stories we have created for ourselves, the stories that help us “fit in”, the stories that help keep us safe – sometimes need to be edited or even completely rewritten.

And sometimes, we need a little guidance to help us figure out “how” to start the re-writing process so that our new path forward truly reflects our authentic self and the desires we have for our lives and those we lead.

My Imposter Syndrome manifested through years of denying my true self – masquerading through jobs and relationships and general life choices that I felt were expected of me. In essence, I ignored my true and authentic self for too long. I have spent the greater part of the last twenty five years working in/with non-profits.

And I was good in these roles. My Imposterism had less to do with fear and doubt around my abilities in these arenas and more to do with believing the negative self-talk of “why” I cannot change my professional environment without dire consequence (i.e, feeling trapped).

My own personal coaching journey had me exploring the self-imposed obstacles that were limiting my sense of fulfilment and joy. As such, coaching has changed my life! I want to help support others along their journey of self awareness and change – in whatever form that takes.


Because when we live authentically, when we are not burdened by mental performance blocks – we can more genuinely impact others in our lives. This means those we supervise, our life partner, our children, our closest friends, our pets, our game-night compatriots, etc.

I help my clients invest in themselves – investing in their understanding and pursuit of their foundational needs while getting support from someone who believes in their vision, doesn’t buy into their negative stories and fears, and holds them accountable for making their life happen on their terms.

Being a guide is what I LOVE doing. And that is why my clients choose me as their coach or their consultant for their organizational culture.

I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to hold you to your highest self. Because I get it, I experienced mental performance obstacles when I felt that I was failing across various roles. I felt it every time I denied myself what I really wanted in and for my life. Because I confronted my Imposterism – pushing back against my own self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors – I now get to do what I love every single day. I finally have success on my own terms and it is empowering!

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