Care Packages

usps-large-flat-rate-boxThe following care package “wish list” is by no means fixed; some surprises are a good thing.  Some Peace Corps Volunteers report receiving packages via flat rate boxes that tend to be more efficient in terms of arrival time and cost.

Care Package Wish List:

-Current event magazines & newspapers
-Coffee (pre-ground)
-Dried fruits (cranberries, apricots, peaches, etc.)

-Achiote seasoning
-Taco seasonings
-Flax seeds
-Arm & Hammer toothepaste
-Haines white v-neck t-shirts (large)
-Old Spice “After Hours” white stick deodorant
-Dr. Bronners Lavender soap
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Cork Screw & Bottle Opener
-A good can opener
-Dental floss (the picks, not just the string)
-Milk chocolate
-“Mega Man” vitamins from GNC
-Gillette razor blades
-Crayons & Permanent markers